Internal Company Videos

Engage Employees with Video Messaging

Inspiration video: CEO Doug Oberhelman | Introduction to New Employees

What is an internal company video?

This type of video is usually a scripted, single-day on-site location shoot that shares important company messaging with employees in an effective, memorable way and may include one or more employees as narrators or a direct delivery of message in an interview style.

Why would you want one?

Your leaders can more effectively be in more than one place when using a video message speaking directly to employees. Your Human Resources team can share how-to videos with employees, making tasks from onboarding to annual enrollment in benefits easier to understand and more consistent. Your employees can share achievements, accomplishments, and all their successes encouraging a connected company climate.

Internal Company Video Examples

CEO to Employee Messaging

New Employee Videos

Training Videos/Department Highlights




Internal video ideas

  • Updates about current developments, performance and upcoming events.
  • Underlining of corporate policies.
  • Changes in the marketplace that have implications on the business.
  • Congratulations for good work being done.
  • Keeping everyone informed of changes in direction, structure, philosophy etc.
  • Explaining reasons behind changes.
  • Reducing any potential confusion by mapping out changes visually and supporting with on-screen text.
  • Induction: an overview of the business and its operations.
  • Induction: company culture and ethos.
  • Health and safety information.
  • Cameras
  • Set ups
  • B-roll
  • Live action
  • Graphics package
  • Hours on shoot

Optional add-ons

  • Voice over
  • Interviewer
  • Director
  • Animation
  • Additional onsite location
  • B-roll
  • Music
  • Stock footage
  • Drone
  • Motion camera

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