Not only can Harvest Video produce a great video for your business, we help ensure your video is well-positioned to produce results for your business.

Marketing Partner: Webcom Resources

While we focus on providing video production, our marketing partner Webcom Resources provides marketing services for Harvest Video projects.

Webcom is just down the street from our studio, which means they can be involved in video planning sessions if you need help with creative direction or choosing the perfect style of video for your business goals. With over 13 years’ experience, Webcom Resources is a valued collaborator on our video projects.

Marketing Services

Search and share optimization 
Having optimized titles and descriptions is the #1 way to ensure optimum search engine traffic and even social media shares.

Strategic planning and creative direction
Webcom Resources will help you plan a video that will resonate with your target audience and reach your business goals.

Custom Google Analytics report
Looking for specific results from your video such as product sales or leads? You’ll want a custom report created to track your results.

YouTube video promotion
Using your Harvest video, Webcom can highlight your video on YouTube using specific keywords and paid promotions.

Facebook video ad
Using your Harvest video, Webcom can create a Facebook ad optimized for your target audience.

Get started with video marketing

Connect with Webcom Resources via Facebook messenger to get started with video marketing services!