Video Hosting

Hrvst video hosting offers the perfect blend of video success services.

About Hrvst Video Hosting

Harvest Video has a unique advantage in the video production universe through our parent company, Rainbow Communications. Instead of having to lease bandwidth to stream videos and pass that cost on to customers, we are able to host your videos on your branded page or stream to your website using our own Hrvst servers and network. As far as we know, there’s no other video production company in existence that both produces professional video AND provides unlimited video hosting!

Top 3 reasons to use Hrvst Video Hosting

Video Partners

We’re real people. We’re your video partners, not just producers. We’ll help you get from pre-production to streaming success all without the stress of doing it yourself.


Not only do we offer unheard of unlimited storage and streaming on a fully branded channel, our Hrvst video hosting members receive post-production insurance to protect your video investment.

Total Control

Hrvst video hosting customers can have a branded channel to store all their videos. No more auto-playing of competitors videos. Stream your videos to your website from our servers.

Hrvst Video Hosting Program Features

Unlimited streaming and storage

Yes. We can do this and we do.

Branded channel page

  • No Harvest branding, no ads
  • HTML embed and sharing tools for each video

Call to action

Hrvst members can add a customized image and link to the final screen of ANY video, even video not produced with Harvest. Perfect for helping your video viewers take action on what they just watched. Hrvst members can also work with our marketing partner at a discounted rate to design the perfect call to action.

Post-production insurance

  • For business-critical edits that would require you to unpublish your video if left unedited
  • Includes storage of all video project assets (source, scripts, graphics, meta)
  • 90-minute cap on changes

Admin interface

Hrvst members have the ability to login and manage their branded channels, upload unlimited videos, edit branding whenever needed, and view advanced video analytics.

Video source

Hrvst members can add videos produced by other video companies or in-house teams to their branded channel. A great way to house all your company videos in one place for easy locating.

Basic Analytics

How many total views

Advanced analytics

  • Average minutes watched
  • Google Analytics