Employee Videos

Engage Employees with Video Messaging

Inspiration video: CEO Doug Oberhelman | Introduction to New Employees

What is an employee video?

This type of video can be used for recruiting and retaining the best employees. You can share company culture, announcements, trainings and more in an effective, memorable way.

Why Employees Videos?

Your leaders can more effectively be in more than one place when using a video message speaking directly to employees. Your Human Resources team can share how-to videos with employees, making tasks from onboarding to annual enrollment in benefits easier to understand and more consistent. Your employees can share achievements, accomplishments, and all their successes encouraging a connected company climate.


Live action videos involves video cameras and are shot in our studio or at the location you choose. Often these videos include interviews of employees or customers.  Sometimes specialty cameras like drones or motion cameras can be used to add another dimension to the video.

Typical video length is between 1-5 minutes, but we do don’t charge per minute. Sometimes a 1 minute video can take more editing and production than a 30 minute video. Therefore, we find the best way to price videos is by complexity.

Pricing: $1,000 and up


  • Camera angles
  • Set ups
  • Live action
  • Graphics package
  • Hours on shoot

Optional add-ons

  • Voice over
  • Interviewer
  • Director
  • Animation
  • Additional onsite location
  • B-roll
  • Music
  • Stock footage
  • Drone
  • Motion camera
  • 3 or more cameras

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